How to create a Yahoo Local Citation for Local SEO

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I submitted a local business citation to Yahoo a few weeks ago. Today I wanted to check the status and it wasn’t completely obvious to me what the procedure was so I thought it would be worth it to post a quick how-to guide once I figured it out. Read more

The first requirement for the Cron Piping Method on states, “On your mail server create a unique email account for each support department. This must be a full inbox, an alias is not sufficient.” Although true, this might lead you to believe that an email alias cannot be used to pipe emails. The solution is to create a full inbox for each which is what we did in Part 1. Read more

I spent a good half a day figuring out how to setup Email Piping properly for WHMCS. If you’ve been having trouble getting Email Piping working or if you’re like me and you simply want to save some money then this is a must read. This free method does not require a cPanel license nor an additional Google Apps account! Read more

In order to become a Google Partner your profile needs to be 100% complete. You might get stuck in limbo either because a) You can’t find your company when searching for COMPANY AFFILIATION and/or
b) You can’t link a TOP LEVEL MCC. Read more