How to complete Google Partners setup by linking a Top Level MCC


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In order to become a Google Partner your profile needs to be 100% complete. You might get stuck in limbo either because a) You can’t find your company when searching for COMPANY AFFILIATION and/or
b) You can’t link a TOP LEVEL MCC.

The solution to a) is simply to create a brand new MCC account for your company.

Step 1) Create a new Gmail account at
Step 2) Login to the new account and sign up for a new MCC account at
Step 3) Finally, login to the MCC account and join Google Partners at
After you’ve joined Google Partners, your TOP LEVEL MCC should already be listed as an option and you can complete your profile for your company’s MCC account.

Now if you trying to join Google Partners with your personal Gmail account or an account that already has an associated Adwords account, you will not be able to link a TOP LEVEL MCC (b)). This was the case for me, because I was trying to join Partners with my old Adwords account which also had my Adwords Certification. Here is the solution.

Step 1) Create another separate Gmail account at
Step 2) Login to your associated Adwords account that you are trying to join Partners with.
Step 3) Follow the directions at to cancel your Adwords account.
Step 4) Follow the directions at to grant Admin Access to the Adwords account created from Step 1.
Step 6) Once both parties have accepted, login to the new Adwords account and follow the directions at to Revoke Admin Access to the old Adwords account.

Once the old Adwords account is cancelled AND Admin Access is revoked, you should now be able to successfully link to your company’s original TOP LEVEL MCC in Google Partners!

Please comment/ask questions. I hope you found these directions useful; I found the whole process exhausting to say the least but relieved once I was able to figure everything out.

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